Lunes, Marso 31, 2014

Be a Copywriter, Tips toward million $

Copywriting are written text intended for advertising and marketing. This is most essential to internet marketing. The main purpose is to strategically deliver words in order to persuade people and take them into a form of action.
Copywriting is usually done in retail stores, advertising companies and marketing firms in a metropolitan area. The copywriting work environment is one characterized with hectic schedules that require its workers to perform their tasks creatively under pressure. Marketing and advertising is notorious for its fast-paced nature where crises are already considered a normal occurrence. Copywriting is typified by successive assignment with immediate deadlines everyday and constant calls for eleventh-hour revisions. Copywriting is therefore a field for the dynamic, creative and bold. 
Copywriting doesn't necessarily demand the strictest observance to formal English grammar. Because your objective is to build an empathetic rapport with your readers, you want to write the way they speak. Depending on the circumstances and your intended audience, using slang, sentence fragments, contractions, colloquialisms, and so on is perfectly acceptable. Yet you still want to maintain credibility, so not everything goes. When writing copy, you're walking a fine line between informality and incomprehensibility.
As a copywriter you are expected to influence changes in consumer behaviour through ideas, creativity and the use of interactive media.  Imaginativeness, raw talent and appetite for challenge are the basic core of being a successful copywriter.
This are some of skills you need to remember in order for you to have what it takes in being a successful copywriter:
1. Caring about what you are writing about makes the difference in a good copy.
2. Relevant knowledge of what you are selling. You have to know the facts before you can communicate it to your audience.
3. Communication skills to come up with witty taglines and spellbinding prose are prime requisites.
4. Sheer creativity and of course willing to put it to use.
5. Errors can be embarrassing, as an advertising copywriter you will be spending a lot of time going over your text.  This part of the job can be the most stressful.
6. You should and can work in strict deadlines.
7. Requires a good understanding of layout and typography as visuals are yet another essential part of advertising and marketing
8. Skill of putting great ideas into paper in very stylish and effective ways.
9. Research skills because you need to know everything about the products or services you are selling. Being good at desk-research and having good interviewing skills are vital for getting to the main issues.
10. being creative is an essential skill for copywriters. You will have a brief to work to, but, at the same time, you will be expected to come up with fresh, new ideas. You need to find innovative ways of interpreting the brief to hook potential clients and encourage them to buy the product or service.
11. As with having a thick skin, having a sense of humour always makes life easier. The ability to laugh at yourself is definitely a quality worth having and can be useful in awkward situations.
12. It helps to be up-to-date with the latest news, views and trends. You should try to keep your eye on the ball, know what’s hot now and what will be the next big thing. Depending on what you are writing copy about, you may be able to use relevant news stories or trends in your copy.
13. If you wish to be a copywriter it is vital that you are able to take criticism about your work in a positive way. There’s no point getting upset and precious over your writing or arguing with the client. After-all, they are the ones paying you, so you need to please them. Plus, you may just learn something really valuable in the process.
Though as not high-earning as some other careers in advertising, advertising copywriters are still well paid. Some working in firms and some are freelancers even own their own business. Copywriters usually start off as assistants who earn as much as $30,000 to $35,000 a year, gradually increasing to around $40,000 once they become really adept into copywriting. Eventually they can be promoted to senior positions, earning about $100,000 and then to copywriting chief, earning around $125,000. Copywriters may also ultimately become creative director, earning as much as $200,000 a year.
A new copywriter might charge $500 or $1000 to write a sales letter; while more experienced copywriters could easily charge $2000, $5000 or even $10000. Some copywriters also negotiate royalties, in the form of a percentage of the sales revenue which is why there is no fix upper limit to a top copywriter's earnings
Copywriting necessitates a good combination of solid formal education with a good writing experience. Copywriting is usually not found as a degree of concentration in most colleges and universities, a lot of copywriters take degrees in liberal arts, business management, marketing and communications. 
Some people have a natural affinity for it and become proficient fairly quickly. Others don't, and it's a long slog for them. But they eventually get it.

Anyone who can communicate effectively in writing falls somewhere in between those two extremes and can learn to be a copywriter.

Good copywriters are always in demand. Millions of new businesses come into existence each year, and they need fresh new sales material. When an economy is bad, existing businesses need every sale they can get, which means they need even more effective sales material written by copywriters.
You can write sales material wherever and whenever you want. From your computer at home or even from a laptop on the beach. You can do this full time or part time, it's entirely up to you.
If you are decided that you want to be a copywriter remember all this tips. There are also institutions out there offering courses for copywriting. Invest a little for learning and the assurance of return of investment is within reach. The demand is high so start learning now and be a successful copywriter in the future!